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Mining Park of Fokida (Vagonetto mining park)

The Mining Park of Fokida,“Vagonetto”, is located in the col of Gkiona and Parnassos, in the premises of Elmin Bauxites S.A. It is one of a kind, as there is no other like it in Greece.

“Vagonetto”,  is the name of the train the miners used to transport bauxite and it will take you back in time and teach you the history of bauxite mining. You can wander around the exhibition area of mining history, the outdoor display of equipment and the interactive room of digital technology. The mining Park is ideal for families too. Your kids will love it. There is no reason to worry as all the hygiene and safety precautions are being followed.

Mining Park of Fokida (Vagonetto mining park)

Tel: 2265078819, 22650 28826

For more information, you can browse the park’s website .




An introduction to honey

In Delphi you get the chance to look up close at the magic world of the “bees” through local honey producers. Young and old alike are excited, while they also get informed for all honey production stages: from the collection of the pollen to the production and bottling of the honey. In the end, you can taste unique sweets and honey of excellent quality. To watch how honey is produced, you will have to book in advance.



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